Sorcerers, Warlocks, and Wizards

Generally, practitioners of the magic arts tend to thrive in more civilized regions, where day-to-day needs do not outweigh the pursuit of higher learning. Still, those wizards casting spells in the Bloodstone Lands often find great pleasure and support in their unique status among the people.

The cities of Lyrabar and Hlammach in Impiltur both house minor schools of magic. These schools mostly dedicate themselves to the arts that can benefit the trading fleets. A wizard proficient in gusts of wind, for example, can make a small fortune hiring onto a merchant vessel whose captain fears pirates and still air.

No wizards' schools currently exist in Damara, although that may change once the politics of the kingdom are settled. Emelyn the Gray and Myrddin Viligoth have talked of the need for such a school in the area. Vaasa and Narfell are too wild for such sophisticated arts, although a magic-user could certainly find ways to be useful, and ultimately accepted, on the Vaasan frontier. The clannish Nars might be a bit tougher to win over.

Illusionists here, as elsewhere, are quite rare, but there seems to be some potential for the class. The svirfneblin gnomes of Deepearth are skilled in the art, and they are anxious to tie themselves closer to the surface dwellers of the region. One possibility that has been discussed in their caverns is to open a school for would-be illusionists. Even if there is no school any time soon, an aspiring illusionist could find a willing mentor among the friendly svirfneblin.

Sorcerers, Warlocks, and Wizards

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