Peril in Bloodstone

The Desolation - The Western Front

Episode Three - The Boiling Lands & the Dead Fields

The fighting was at its most intense around the walls of Tsar. The Army of Light battled its away through blood-crazed defenders again and again until within range of the walls and attacked with artillery and spell only to be driven away by the concentrated returned fire from within the city and the floods of reinforcements rallied to beat the attackers back. This cycle repeated itself over and over like a relentless tide as months stretched into a year and still the walls were not breached. The grounds around the city became a mass open grave of the Fallen where defender and attacker trod upon the bones of friend and foe alike, heedless of the Fallen until they too were violently ushered into their ranks. In addition to the staggering number of casualties that piled up in the fields about the walls of the city, so too did the grounds absorb the concentrated effects of spell and bombardment releasing all manner of diabolical plague or destructive concoction. In the end the dealing of death became the only purpose to those engaged on these bloodied grounds as all sense of cause or loyalty was lost in the endless, grinding death machine that was the Western Front. 


TheStoryteller66 TheStoryteller66

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