Peril in Bloodstone

The Camp - The Edge of Oblivion

Episode One - Nigel's Ford

Perched on the verge of the war-torn wasteland known as the Desolation stands a settlement of dire reputation. Known only as The Camp, this wretched collection of criminals and scoundrels, the desperate and the hopeless, all eking out an existence on the far fringes of civilization make this truly a place of new beginnings and horrific endings. Now things stir within the Desolation and call to heroes seeking secrets and treasures lost to the knowledge of men. The promises of reward dare the brave and the foolish both to seek their fortune in The Camp—out on the very edge of oblivion.

In honor of a minstrel who fell to dark forces, the heroes have renamed the settlement — Nigel's Ford. 


TheStoryteller66 TheStoryteller66

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