Strongholds, Ruins, and Dungeons

In a land so filled with monsters, one does not usually have to look far to find some dangerous, enticing dungeon for the adventurous to try their luck in. This section details some of the strongholds, ruins, and dungeons to be discovered in the Bloodstone Lands.

The Black Holes of Sunderland

The Bloodstone Mines

Castle Perilous

The Cave of the Whispering Wind

The Church of Dionysus

The Citadel of Assassins


Ephrans Skinny Tower

The Bloodstone Gates

Hermits Hill

Hillsafar Hall

The House of Hurl

The Ice Run

The Monastery of the Yellow Rose

Nar-sek Quistrade

Nar-sek Qutel

The Pit

Rilaunyrs Warship

The Ruins of Monte Veldelio

The Warren

Watchers Mounds

Strongholds, Ruins, and Dungeons

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