Geography of the Region


Nowhere in the Forgotten Realms is the awesome power of nature more prominently displayed than in the Bloodstone Lands. The geography of this area plays a major role in shaping the lives and attitudes of the hardy souls who reside here. All respect the forces exemplified by imposing features such as the Great Glacier and the towering peaks of the Galena Mountains.


Buzzard Beak Harbor

Beaumaris River

Bloodstone Pass

The Easting Reach

Earthfast Mountains

Earthspur Mountains


Forests of the Great Dale

Galena Mountains

The Galena Snake

Giantspire Mountains

Glacier of the White Worm

Goliad River

Great Imphras River

The Great Glacier

Halfling Downs

Harks Finger

The High Walk

Icelace Lake

Icelace River

Lake Midal

Lake Mogador

Sidewinder River

The Teardrops

Traders Bay

The Vaasan Bogs


The Waukeshire


Geography of the Region

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