Characters by Location

This isolated region is so filled with interesting and powerful individuals that it would require a sourcebook much larger than this to list them all. Most of the Damaran provinces, all of Impiltur's great cities, and each tribe of fierce Nars are led by noteworthy individuals who have surrounded themselves with mighty friends. Add to this the large number of colorful adventurers now roaming the opening frontier of Vaasa, and you have an impressive group indeed!


Characters of Bloodstone

Characters of the Citadel of Assassins

Characters of Goliad

Characters of Heliogabalus

Characters of the Monastery of the Yellow Rose

Characters of Praka

Characters of Soravia

Characters of the Vaasan Gate

Characters of Valls



Characters of the Camp

Characters of Sunderland

Heroes of the Army of Light


Characters of Impiltur

Characters of Lyrabar


Characters of Narfell

Characters by Location

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