Peril in Bloodstone

Melvaunt and the North
Episode Four - Moonsea

"You're seeking a good deal in Melvaunt? I think you're better off looking for a happy man in Thay, my friend! The greatest merchants in the Realms are inside these walls, and they're selling the best merchandise. And don't forget, after you've been overcharged at the stall you've still got to pay the nobles just for the privilege of shopping in their city! No, my friend, I don't think you'll be finding any deals on this afternoon . . . say, didn't you have a money pouch on your belt when we left the inn?" — Carolin deMark, traveler and resident drunkard at The Breakwater

The Desolation - The Western Front
Episode Three - The Boiling Lands & the Dead Fields

The fighting was at its most intense around the walls of Tsar. The Army of Light battled its away through blood-crazed defenders again and again until within range of the walls and attacked with artillery and spell only to be driven away by the concentrated returned fire from within the city and the floods of reinforcements rallied to beat the attackers back. This cycle repeated itself over and over like a relentless tide as months stretched into a year and still the walls were not breached. The grounds around the city became a mass open grave of the Fallen where defender and attacker trod upon the bones of friend and foe alike, heedless of the Fallen until they too were violently ushered into their ranks. In addition to the staggering number of casualties that piled up in the fields about the walls of the city, so too did the grounds absorb the concentrated effects of spell and bombardment releasing all manner of diabolical plague or destructive concoction. In the end the dealing of death became the only purpose to those engaged on these bloodied grounds as all sense of cause or loyalty was lost in the endless, grinding death machine that was the Western Front. 

The Desolation - The Ghosts of Victory
Episode Two - The Ashen Waste & the Chaos Rift

For more than a year, the Army of Light bivouacked on the plains surrounding the city of Tsar. While the battles raged around the city’s walls, these camps stood as veritable cities in their own right, only occasionally moving due to the depletion of resources or in response to counterattacks. The soldiers of this army lived, built, ate, and died, in these vast camp-cities as the war raged around them, and more than one burial mound and war monument was raised among them to commemorate some lost hero or valorous deed. Eventually the forces of Tsar retreated and the city was abandoned—a victory for the Army of Light, or so the historians say. Yet when the triumphant armies packed up and departed in pursuit of their foes, they left behind a necropolis of elaborate tombs and simple graves, as well as the scarred remains of one of the most horrific attacks in the war, spread out over hundreds of square miles. What had been a victorious armed camp became a desolate, depleted plain, still haunted by its ghosts of victory.

The Camp - The Edge of Oblivion
Episode One - Nigel's Ford

Perched on the verge of the war-torn wasteland known as the Desolation stands a settlement of dire reputation. Known only as The Camp, this wretched collection of criminals and scoundrels, the desperate and the hopeless, all eking out an existence on the far fringes of civilization make this truly a place of new beginnings and horrific endings. Now things stir within the Desolation and call to heroes seeking secrets and treasures lost to the knowledge of men. The promises of reward dare the brave and the foolish both to seek their fortune in The Camp—out on the very edge of oblivion.

In honor of a minstrel who fell to dark forces, the heroes have renamed the settlement — Nigel's Ford. 


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