Something Stirs in the City of Evil

Over the distant Galena Mountains, beyond Bloodstone Pass, and past the Desolation stand the pitted walls of Tsar and the black towers of Castle Perilous . A hundred armies have crushed themselves against this bulwark in futile attempts to breach the city. Even the combined might of the Heavens were unable to break through in the final battle of Tsar. So why was the city suddenly abandoned on the verge of victory, and what waits for those foolish enough to enter the Temple-City of Orcus?

The Black Gates Await

Only the bravest and most powerful of heroes dare the depths of the Desolation and live to tell of it. But what happens when they penetrate that blasted landscape and look upon the gates of the very center of evil on Faerun. Can even heroes of such renown breach the Walls of Death and live?